ZONE 14™

One of my main drivers for creating ZONE 14 is witnessing the wave of ongoing messages we receive that leads us to believe we are never enough. No matter how many A’s we earn, trophies we win, clubs we belong to, diplomas we earn, money we make, etc, it seems like there is always something else we need to do in order to become who we know we truly are.
It is time to re-define our metrics of success and evolve what we mean by excellence. Zone 14 is a movement dedicated to that mission and doing it in a collaborative and inclusive way. In other words, not doing it by opinion or by authority but through the reality we live in and the variety of perspectives we can have personally, culturally and professionally.

Come into ZONE 14 and get inspired through our blog and interviews on this topic. Form your own understanding and perspective on the matter, share it with others and empower yourself to flourish in your own terms. In the process, contribute to the conversation so we co-create the opportunity to be in service to what most matters to us, growing the awareness that influences and impacts each other and the larger whole.

Ruben’s bias here is that this movement will help us diminish our tendency to burn out and default to mediocrity and the common denominator - follow celebrity, and external factors that for many are in out of reach and under the control of the few privileged. This pattern has also led us to want to win at all cost, kill so much of our innate gifts and live lives that prevent us to embody our wholeness.

Though we live in socioeconomic and cultural infrastructures that we have little control over and demand we meet pre-determined standards that few find meaningful (going to the right school, getting the right grades, being ion relationship with the right girl or boy, driving the right car, etc), we still own the responsibility to shape our personal and community identity.

Growing further into our authenticity, and taking small and consistent steps to build our capacity to flourish by our own unique scoreboard is what will matter at the end of our journey.

Let’s do it together!

  • "If an athlete is looking for help on the mental side of sport, particularly in tennis, I strongly recommend RubenHe is a true professional with substantial experience as a professional athlete and mental advisor."

    Chairman and co-founder of the Human Performance Institute & world-renowned performance psychologist
  • "I have seen mental toughness is an area that is generally lacking when developing the athlete. Dr. Ruben seems to take all the info you need as a coach of elite athletes and place it in an easy-to-learn format.”

    Athletic Development Expert, Former Championship-Winning Soccer Player for the San Diego Sockers
  • "In over twenty years in sports, I had never come across an individual like Ruben Perczek. With his holistic guidance, I experienced greater capacity to e present with myself by making peace with my past of abuse, injury, and an eating disorder. This gave me the ability to develop a healthy individuation from my parents and coach, enabling me to vulnerably collaborate with them and produce synergy that propelled me to the highest level in my sport."

    2012 USA Diving Olympia
  • "No one is teaching the coaching fraternity how to help players master the mind. This is the most exciting part of the ‘7 Roots of Potential.’ I have always tried to use personal methods, but this work will undoubtedly create a new way of developing our future professional players.”
    Head of Goalkeeping, Fulham FC, known for innovative coaching practices, and Former Professional English Goalkeeper



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