- High Performance Strategic Advisor and Thought Leader

- Author of Zone 14™ - Raising Sustainable Excellence

- Author of the high performance integrated change framework he’s called The 7 Roots of Potential™

- Creator and Producer the #DigDeepShow

- Founder of the ZONE 14™ The Movement

- Pro Athlete, Actor/Producer, Stanford University Fellow Research Scientist, Clinical Psychologist

- Client list includes: adidas, ShopRite, Discovery Channel, Ricoh Latin America, Public Service Government of Canada, University of Miami Department of Athletics

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Down to earth and in conversation with his audiences, being with Dr. Ruben Perczek as a speaker feels similar as if we were with him in our living rooms. True to his belief that we are stronger together than on our own, Dr. Ruben uses common sense to help us become better listeners to our selves, each other and the communities we serve. His talks are filled with personal stories linked to key principles that are central to anyone who wants to tap into their best on a regular basis.

ZONE 14 - Re-Thinking Our Definition of Excellence
Our world is begging for a new story about success and excellence, one that prioritizes collaboration and a compelling commitment to bring the best of our selves into what we do. Our obsession with winning at all cost has killed so much potential in our own lives and diminished so many people along the way. Its is time to learn to claim our birthright voices, commit to collaborating for others to do the same, and learn to love the process at least as much as we love the outcomes. This event is an experience that must be heard by all those interested in leading our families, companies and humanity in a loving, compassionate and meaningful journey.

The 7 Roots of Potential
In this talk, Ruben draws on his lifetime experience as a pro athlete, performing artist and producer, research scientist and high performance strategic advisor to reveal the seven roots of potential that he’s witnessed works to raise and sustain excellence as leaders, coaches, educators, and high performers: Your Inner Life is Whole, Openness to Learning, You Are the Author of Your Life, Ability to Partner, Being in Service to Something Bigger than YourSelf, Body as Teacher/Mind as Student, and Simplicity to Manage Complexity. As individuals, teams and organizations, knowing which root to tap, how to maintain it activated, and the role our blind spots play in fueling distinct aspect of our “wholeness,” determine our capacity to sustain collaboration and commitment toward the BIG WIN.

Public Programs and Interviews
Dr. Ruben is also available for online and public media interviews and enjoys moderating events as well. Dr. Ruben can present in either English or Spanish.





  • "Ruben is a is a new kind of leader and teacher, a compelling man who shares his wisdom from a place of humility and passion.  Ruben reminds me of words written by George Bernard Shaw, With such human material,
    we can produce a dozen new worlds 

    Senior Advisor - Health Canada
  • "Ruben encourages us to dream big; to give up limiting beliefs; to not fall prey to voices of self-negation and self-criticism. He invites us to flourish and recognize we are already outstanding when we stop and look in the right direction."

    President, Integrative Restoration Institute and Author of iRest Meditation and The iRest Program for Healing PTSD
  • "Having known Ruben Perczek for over twenty years, I can speak to the authenticity, wisdom, and humility he shares."

    Director, Stanford Forgiveness Project and Author of Forgive for Good
  • "If you are interested - and all of us should be - in helping young people grow into their full and unique potentials,
    this book is for you."

    Author of Let Your Life Speak and A Hidden Wholeness


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