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Living The Life That Feels Right For You w/ Spiritual Teacher Richard Miller

Today we have on researcher, yogic scholar and spiritual teacher Richard Miller. We talk about the importance of habits and unconsious conditioning. You’ll want to tune in because these small actions compound to either cripple us or bring us to the life we were meant to live.

This Episode’s Learnings

  • Openness to learning is essential to find all of our energies to be at the top of our game.
  • FLOW states are moments when we step out of our conditioning and moments when we can listen to what life is asking of us.
  • What leads us into FLOW (and what stops FLOW in its tracks)
  • Coming to what we do, over and over, with a fresh mind is key to having a breakthrough.


  • “I had to find a way to let go of conditioning so I can be open to the unknown.”
  • “We need a mentor who knows these states of consciousness to help us step out of our conditioning.”
  • “There are parts of our brain we can actually be held hostage in and cripple us and prevent us from being open to new information.”
  • “We all have an inner compass that can attune us to what feels right and harmonious to our selves.”
  • “We are never masters, we are always in the learner’s chair.”
  • “The best teachers and mentors are those who themselves know that their lives are always in the learning.”

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