Ep 3 The Secret is Out, Learning Is In w/ Scientist and Teacher Paul Bulakowski

The Secret is Out, Learning Is In w Scientist and Teacher Paul Bulakowski


The Secret is Out, Learning How We Learn is In w/ Scientist and Teacher Paul Bulakowski

Today, our guest is entrepreneur, scientist and teacher Paul Bulakowski. Paul and I share the mystery of the relationship between our minds and our brains, how important it is to our learning and our capacity to steer our actions in the direction we most desire. You’ll want to tune in because becoming aware of how we learn is essential if we want to track our own performance and set our own sustainable path of excellence.

This Episode’s Learnings

  • For all animals, including human beings, the dominant way of learning is to watch someone do something and then to do it ourselves.
  • Learning to observe and reflect on our own thoughts allows us to change them. This makes it possible to go to new levels of performance.
  • As a society, we often view education as something that gets dumped into our heads. If we intend to author our own lives, however, we’ve got to shift this pattern by taking responsibility for our own learning.
  • As ‘authorities’ in the lives of the youth we parent, teach and coach, Paul suggests:
    • Having high expectations believing our youth have the potential to get to where they want.
    • As youth, we’ve got to be able to assess & track our own performance and set our own goals.
    • Together, we want to share a common purpose and together go after the things that are most meaningful to us.


  • “External motivation does not necessarily facilitate deep thinking. By in large, however, our schools are set up by external motivators (grades, class standing, etc)”
  • “If you want to be motivated, you want to have a sense of autonomy, mastery and purpose.”
  • “How do we slow down enough to be able to capture the meaning if our intentions. This allows us to continually be able to change and adapt in our desired direction.”
  • “By enabling people to understand their bodies and brain and the connection to the larger environment, we can better steer our lives in the direction that’s most meaningful to us.”
  • “The secret is out, metacognition is in.”

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