You and your company can experience and engage Dr. Ruben Perczek & Team and his DIG DEEP CONSULTING PROGRAM through the following experiences:
1 day session with Dr. Ruben and organizational leaders to assess the basis of the case for transformation and educate the executive team on key elements for designing and cultivating a sustainable high performing leadership culture. 
1-2 day individual development program for senior executives seeking to lead their teams and companies through chaotic industries and market growth opportunities. In a highly experiential format, the DD Intensive provides a platform for increased awareness, commitment and execution toward individual, team and company wide high performance culture transformation.
Dr. Ruben coaches an exclusive number of clients every year through highly customized programs that meet individual needs and circumstances. These programs consist of multiple in-person visits done at his clients’ companies and homes through which he is able to observe and intervene real time in the actual circumstances his client live and work in. 
Integrated 4 hour workshop on the key principles of the 7 Roots of Potential as a map that guides the growth of sustainable high performing leadership in individuals and teams.  Through the key drives of each Root (Growth, Meaning, Progress, Structure, Connection, Contribution, and Truth), this program provides the foundation for a common language for a shared understanding that allows sustainable collaboration toward desired outcomes.
Dig Deep diagnostic tools that support individuals and teams to know the key Root that’s best to focus on to tap into their high performance capacity.  
As featured on the podcast, Dr. Ruben brings the Dig Deep Show to your company as an opportunity for people to participate in a highly interactive live event. The Dig Deep Show format provides an alternative to traditional keynotes done as a monologue by a keynote speaker.