The 7 Roots of Potential™ framework serves as a GPS and foundational blue print for any system (i.e., organization, team or individual), committed to sustainable high performance.
Developed over Dr. Ruben Perczek’s 25 plus years of consulting, advising and coaching leaders committed to extraordinary levels of achievement and sustainable excellence, these are the roots that have shown evidence in evolving their potential for sustained success across industries, private and public sectors of practice, and life disciplines in business, public service and
high-performance sports.

The 7 Roots of Potential™ works as a map for knowing where to tap into the highest potential any system already has to design, lead and sustain high performance transformational programs. While it is not a prescriptive and predetermined formula that tells you what to do, it provides the essential guidance for consciously engaging all stakeholders in the strategic priorities to ensure the relevant conversations are taking place with the right people so that optimal solutions are adopted and implemented toward the desired progress and outcomes.

The 7 Roots of Potential Methodology™ serves as the foundaiton for all people involved to execute while minimizing loss of potential while also expanding their capacity to see the whole while working in the parts.