Coaching is a relatively young field. However, like actors in Los Angeles, it seems like we now have an excess of coaches claiming they are the next academy award winner. This makes it confusing to know who is who in this field and what they are truly capable of providing.

Before coaching had become a formal field of practice back in the late 90’s, Dr. Ruben had already been coaching in his life, though he hadn’t called it that way. For the past 20+ years, Ruben has designed and successfully executed personal leadership development programs for individuals leading in their own fields. Dr. Ruben coaches individual leaders who are being called to lead a cause that is bigger than themselves. They sense that for them to have greater impact, they must develop a deeper relationship with both their commitments as well as their deeper fears. Toward this intention, Ruben guides and supports them to bridge who they are into what they do.
The people who have proven to match best with him are medium to large size company owners, executive leaders at the C-level, heads of entire departments in highly matrix organizations, political and public figures, head coaches and athletes leading in their sport. They:
• Have the permission to author their own lives and take personal responsibility

• Value living in integrity, care deeply about human beings and human connection

• Are generous and open to learn even when they have a different point of view
• Value humor and playfulness

• Have a long-term perspective and are process oriented

• Are committed to collaborate in caring ways

• Are open to learning and are willing to take risks
In all his programs, Dr. Ruben implements The 7 Roots of Potential™. The structure of this methodology works as a roadmap for compassionately but rigorously guiding the client to commit to what is most meaningful to them. Ruben listens deeply to his clients so they learn to listen to themselves. His approach emphasizes the root of learning and partnership as essential practices of transformative change. "When we integrate who we are into what we do, we become more congruent between what we say and what we do - our intentions and our actions. This integration is a key practice if we want to lead from our convictions and collaborate for wider and deeper impact.” Dr. Ruben’s dedication to his own development over his lifetime and his passion for serving others to live meaningful and powerful lives allows him to embody what he is offering to his clients and stand in total commitment to them and their causes.
  • "Ruben guides us from our distorted values of achievement and narrow definitions of excellence to living lives of happiness and good character.”

    Director, Stanford Forgiveness Project and Author of Forgive for Good
  • "Ruben is the mentor we all long to have in our lives."

    President, Integrative Restoration Institute and Author of iRest Meditation and The iRest Program for Healing PTSD
  • “Dr. Ruben Perczek shows us that it is still possible to observe with intensity, use language that inspires, and listen fully and completely.  Through these mediums he creates the pre-requisite conditions that move people and their organizations, with grace and grit, toward achieving their highest ideals and truest purpose.”

    Senior Advisor - Health Canada
  • "Ruben Perczek knows that a holistic approach is the only way to truly inspire sustainable high performance. As a professional athlete, Ruben helped me see new perspectives and understand that we are all constantly evolving. Ultimately, these new perspectives helped me to reach new heights in my athletic career and personal life.”

    Professional Endurance Athlete, Two-Time World-Record Holder